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Porting from Objective-C to Swift

May was a super busy month, so nothing got published. I have been writing a couple of articles, they are coming, but I’m not completely satisfied with them. So in the mean time I have a little piece regarding porting.

I don’t like to mix sweet and salt flavors, so a chocolate bar sprinkled with sea salt and hot pepper is not my kind of stuff, not even a PBJ sandwich. Jam is great, same with peanut butter, but I can’t stand the mix. Same with my iOS projects. They all are written in Objective-C or Swift, not both.

On this project I’m working on at the moment, I was searching for a different way of pointing out some spots on some graphics. The points in the graphics where very small, and hard to see when picking them, so I thought of the loupe in iOS when selecting text. An effect like that would be perfect. So instead of writing it myself, I searched the inter-webs and found an open sourced project doing exactly what I wanted. Its called iOS-MagnifyingGlass, written by Arnaud Coomans.

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