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Starting another Swift blog

The best way to learn is to teach, my old math professor told me. And he’s right. That’s the main reason for me to start blogging.

Im Geert-Jan Nilsen, 40, married, two kids, and programming Swift. I started coding assembly way back with an Amiga 500, and later switched to Mac, and found HyperCard. I made a patient journaling system for a local hospital in it, and later migrated it to SuperCard because the support of color and AppleEvents. Then the app evolved from a simple HyperCard Stack to a Server/Client system using AppleEvents over AppleTalk. A couple of years later I bought Prototyper and Think! C wich became Symantec C++. Fast forward, from 2006 Cocoa and Objective-C was the blend, first for OSX, later iOS. And now Swift.

When HairForceOne presented Swift for the first time, my emotions went from extatic to almost depressive, because now all my investment in C was straight out of the window. But after just a couple of hours checking out the Playgrounds, I was completely sold. Swift has been the best ever happened to me. The new way of thinking gave me a completely new look on the platform, and brought inspiration.

I could never have gotten to where Im today without the two greatest concentration of Swift-geniouses, StackOverflow and #swift-lang@freenode. And because of all the help I got from them, I decided to give something back to the community, and OpenSourced an important part of my first commercial product made in Swift, a signature capturer for concent forms, delivery apps, and so on. You can find it here on GitHub.

Another inspiration for starting Yet Another Swift Blog, is @andrewcbancroft and his great blog. Be sure to visit it.